The Education conducts community education to meet social needs and provides a high level of contribution to society by training competitive global talents. We define the significance of education as the improving of economic growth and of quality of life, in addition to providing equal educational opportunities and continuing education.

Today, education has become a distinguished sector of competition in the business world. In order to respond effectively to changes in the business environment, it is critical to secure excellent human resources. Establishing a human resource development system now is essential to maximizing the growth potential of a business.

Successful human resource development is the common goal and the product of all educational institutes. Therefore, The Education prioritizes the actual education of human resources above all other business purposes and provides various educational solutions to maximize each student’s potential to become the best global talent.

The future is unrestricted. The Education takes full responsibility for educating students who want to develop their capabilities to ultimately achieve their goals and dreams by challenging them to reach the limits of their potential.


Achieving dreams with customers
Discover Your Dreams, Track Your Dreams.
We will do our best as the leading educational service provider to help our customers be truly satisfied with their continual accumulation and pursuit of their prosperity and success. We seek to contribute in the development of companies and individuals and ultimately to the competitiveness of our community and nation through the excellent human resource development.


The leading English education company in Korea


  • Procure the infrastructure through mergers and new extensions
  • Implement frameworks for sustainable growth through standardizing / sharing / improving the best practices in education
  • Secure new channels for growth by diversifying education business


Value Based
Focus on enhancing customer value and corporate value

Sustainable Growth
Concentrate on quality rather than quantitative growth as a true education company

Transparency Based
Guarantee honest and transparent work ethics throughout management as a true education company

Best Employees
Respect and promote employees’ individual capabilities to provide a positive organizational culture as well as opportunities for self-development

Take social responsibilities seriously and contribute back to society